7 Eleven Energy Services has a team with technical expertise to meet on-demand maintenance needs and specialized services for the upstream oil and gas industry. We provide solutions according to the needs of the client through our expertise, technical capacity and partnership.

Our services are designed to maximize the life expectancy and performance levels of your offshore platforms, pipelines and systems. From routine ongoing inspections and maintenance to emergency repairs, you can rely on 7 Eleven Energy Services to get the job done right. Maintenance and repairs include but not limited to:


Corrosion Control Services:

To ensure that the paint system performs as desired, especially in terms of water-based paint, temperature, humidity and air circulation must be at a constant level. Pre-treatment is an essential factor in terms of the coating’s life span and corrosion protection properties. Proper cleaning and level of coarseness are important for the quality of the coating applied to the treated surface. To ensure quality in accordance with specified requirements, we use certified surface inspectors and qualified personnel to supervise and control the work of all key stages.


UHP Cleaning:

experts in the use of high pressure and ultra-high-pressure technologies for a wide variety of
applications including:
• Abrasive water-jet cutting (cold cutting)
• High pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting
• Process vessel and tank cleaning
Our specially engineered equipment and accessories, combined with safe operational systems, means that our UHP water jetting can be used for a wide range of applications; and used in the industry as an environmentally sensitive cleaning technique.



We provide convenient cleaning and coating services which includes equipment for on-site blasting and
painting; removing paint, rust and corrosives safely; using cost-effective way to clean equipment; using skilled painters and many industrial coatings which are critical for the longevity of components


All Trade Rope access:

IRA & IRATA ALL LEVELS Industrial rope access techniques are a combination of various fall protection methods which allow work to be carried out at heights where alternative accesses are highly resource-demanding. Using rope techniques, we are more easily able to access awkward or confined spaces with minimal interference to the surrounding work area to perform maintenance and repair works and provide a more cost-effective, safer alternative in complex access situations.
Our technicians are not only trained in access but are multi-disciplinary operatives thereby skilled to handle a variety of skilled jobs of all trades at all times.

Scaffolding Services:

Scaffolding is often used in combination with alternative solutions such as industrial rope access. The aim is to provide the best access method possible from a financial as well as a practical point of view. For the design and installation of system scaffolding, we offer the fastest erection and greatest load capacity on the market. Our scaffolding is lightweight, galvanized and designed to easily conform to the angles of various structures. We ensure we protect personnel and property and our scaffolds are available for both long-term
use or temporary access. We also ensure safe installation and removal of scaffolds on completion of projects and our standards meets OSHA requirements.

HVAC Cleaning:

we have the knowledge, experience and technology to safely and effectively complete HVAC / duct cleaning operations, providing clients with the re-assurance that their HVAC / duct system is clean and operating efficiently.
We also with others who specialize in offshore HVAC / duct system repairs in the delivery of an integrated maintenance solution and assisting our clients with the establishment of comprehensive planned HVAC maintenance routines. We currently clean HVAC system for MODEC on MV25 FPSO John Evans Atta-Mills.

Elevator repairs:

It is our business to keep your marine elevator in an excellent working condition and if your elevator does break down we will make sure to have it running in the shortest possible time. During service and repairs, our technicians will check all marine elevator components as well; just as a preventive measure. A status report of your marine elevator repairs will be sent to you via email after the
job is completed; that is the way we work. We currently repair and maintain offshore elevators for MODEC on MV25 FPSO John Evans Atta-Mills and for Yinson Production West Africa on FPSO John Agyekum Kuffour.

We execute all our jobs by applying the industry’s highest standards of safety and every project is inspected and risk assessed as part of our meticulous Health & Safety process, in conformity with ISO standards whilst we wait for our certification. We are also members of the British Safety Council which underscores our priority for high safety standards.